Designing Experiences. One Step At a Time

Designer, Listner & Storyteller

Designing Experiences. One Step At A Time

Designer, Listner & Storyteller


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stationary layout my pb

Personal Branding 2021

Avisa: Mental Health Branding

Uniconnect: Organize applications & connect with students

Perfit: Find specialized Fitness Trainers near you

Commonfloor Mobile App Redesign

Design for social good

Flyfruits: Comming Soon

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Sheer curiosity. After taking my first digital marketing ‘internship program’ where we were paid to complete our assinments after completing the coursework, I decided to start my own blog.

In fact the blog itself was a direct result of the internship programme, which was then adapted to contain my design portfolio.

I love branding, designing visual interfaces and working with other creative folks! 

I love interacting with people and hearing what they think about a design problem. I do like a good creative challange 🙂 

The Adobe suite, although Figma is my favorite for wireframing & prototyping, just generally it’s very simple to use. Sofwares keep evolving but good design principles stay the same 

I started the blog as part of my internship programme. It is a platform for sharing what I learn, I’m no expert but the blog helps me document new perspectives, my process,  share my favorite books & collaborate with other creative buddies. I would like to collaborate with designers, so if you want to give blogging a shot and have a good idea, then, Oh hey let’s collaborate ^^

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    About Me

    Namaste 🙏

    I am Vaishnavi . I am a 20 Year Old Graphic Designer based out of Pune. While still in Uni I love Designing Brand Identities & Packaging. I am also a Marketing nerd who loves reading books and Blogging as I learn.