Pinterest Marketing 2021. How and why market on Pinterest?

It is 2021, and if you are not marketing your business through Pinterest, you miss some vast sales. 

Pinterest is often overlooked and undermined when it comes to marketing and business strategies. This powerhouse of a website/app has so much more to offer than what it seems to portray at first glance. Let’s dive right into how Pinterest functions.

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What is Pintrest?

Founded in 2010, Pinterest labels itself as a visual discovery engine. Pinterest helps you discover new ideas and inspires you to create. It hosts content from all aspects of life.

Pinterest is an online pinboard while bookmarking websites inspire its core. It is a free-of-cost engine for surfers and businesses alike.

On Pinterest, the two main elements are – 


These are content tiles that are visible on your feed. Pins are customized and curated according to your taste. They are easy to save and interactive. Pins often are a trailer to a website’s content, and they help you reach there. 


These are your own personalized spaces that embody your saved Pins. Boards help the user organize their ideas. You can arrange your Pins on different boards according to your preferences and needs. 

Why Market on Pinterest?

Pinterest engages the audience and keeps them hooked. Hence, businesses must use this platform to captivate their customer’s attention. Those below are some reasons why marketing through Pinterest is effective. 

  • Pinterest has an exciting UI that compels the user to save and browse even more. It has an endless scroll approach that does not limit the user’s time on the site.
  • Pinterest helps you reach a more broad, newer audience. According to a Hootsuite blog, 80% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.
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  • Pinterest is effective in driving traffic to your websites and blogs or other social media platforms. It encourages conversions and is effective in newsletter sign-ups, ticket sales, or purchases.
  • Pinterest has a positive image, and the audience trusts it. 90% of its 250 million users say they look on the network to make purchase decisions.
  • Pinterest offers analytical data and business tools to help you market your business better. Over a billion companies have their presence on Pinterest. Around 55% of online shoppers voted for Pinterest as their favorite social media application.
  • Pinterest, owned by Facebook, gives a tough fight to its competitors. Pinterest pins are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet, with the retweet average hitting only 1.4%. And, as for Facebook, the half-life of a pin is 1,6000x longer than a Facebook post.

How can you market your business on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a robust application with many features and tools that help in marketing. While all of these hard skills can quickly be learned, what’s important is to understand the soft skills that need to be incorporated. 

The following are some key points that every business should keep in mind when marketing on Pinterest. 

source: sitweb

Create a Business Account –

Get your account verified and market your business with the help of available tools. 

Make a Pinterest Marketing Strategy –

Plan your content well in advance and be regular with your posts.

Pin engaging content –

The content you post must be captivating in both content and visual imagery. 

Optimize your Pins for SEO-

Google hosts a massive number of Pinterest links, and hence businesses must use keywords. Google search pages have abundant Pinterest links that increase your visibility.

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Interact with your audience –

Bridge the gap with your audience and engage with them. Reply to comments, save pins and interact with other accounts too. 

Experiment with your content –

Don’t limit your scope to one format. Experiment with photos, videos, blogs, and shorts. 

Analyze your marketing practices –

Review your analytics every month and plan your content accordingly. Understand your audience and cater to them. 

Create brand-specific boards –

Build boards that tell a story, organize your pins, and make them speak for you. 

Add Links to Your Pins – 

Redirect your audience from your Pins to your websites and other social platforms. Encourage traffic and guide the user. 

Build a community –

Share pins, build boards, interact, engage, educate and inspire.

Educate your audience –

Understand what your audience wants to learn and help them provide the correct information. Sharing information is an effective way to create a trustworthy bond. 


In conclusion, Pinterest is undermined when it comes to marketing and business strategies. Pinterest lives in the shadow of more prominent social media platforms but deserves more credit than it gets currently.

Once appropriately comprehended, Pinterest can help you leverage your business and increase traffic and sales. 

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