Why Digital Deepak is the Best Marketing Programme in India

I joined the Digital Deepak Marketing internship program on the  25th of April  2021.

I had absolutely no idea of who Digital Deepak was and why everyone was talking about him.

I joined this internship program after attending his sales webinar by clicking in, on one of his Google Display Ads. And I was CONVINCED, which only implies one of two things, either I was crazy to jump right in, in just under one hour of reading about this person or he was a marketing genius to close people so fast.

I can safely confirm that the latter is the Truth.

All my objections and skepticism were resolved after attending his sales webinar. Not to mention that I did all my homework well, I read on all of people’s written reviews (like this one).

I Watched every YouTube video I could find, I even hunted for people that said negative things about his program-which by the way I couldn’t find any. His cashback seemed promising yet too good to be true at the time.

And Yes! you might be wondering did I get my cashback or did I just burn my money? Well here is the Proof


Digital Deepak is a 16-week internship program, roughly around 3.6 months.

With the DMAT internship exam, it rounds off to about Four months.

Out of which, there are 12 weeks of assignments with cashback, that is getting back money you paid to enroll, plus, Four bonus weeks about Personal Branding, Digital freelancing, Digital mentoring & Affiliate marketing, with no assignments.

Joining the Internship gave me the opportunity to network with 500 other interns who also enrolled for batch 12 of the internship.

All I can say is it’s a Big Green GO from my end for certain, joining this internship was one of the most productive things I did during the lockdown, this choice was a leap of faith but it was far from anything disappointing.

In just under 12 weeks, I had a cohesive understanding of all the pieces of the digital marketing puzzle, how they fit and work together along with putting them to practice, and an overview of the integrated digital marketing approach.

DDIP Learning experiences

Digital Deepak’s style of teaching is very simple yet effective, he can break down complex ideas and processes to any fifth grader’s level of understanding, I found his content to be engaging, thought-provoking, and action-driven.

(This almost sounds ridiculous considering the attention span I have)

Each of his videos is about an hour and a half long which you can either watch in one sitting or in parts, the way he delivers his presentation rather feels like a normal conversation, the way you would talk to a good friend, than a preachy mundane lecture.

He has set up a system of reward and instant gratification for interns to finish their assignments and get rewarded by getting their enrollment money back. Imagine if Universities gave us our college tuition back for completing work or gave us credits based on real projects in a real-world scenario, will that make us more engaged in class?

His program is the perfect beginner’s kickstart to digital marketing, he sort of has a way of slowly warming you up to do complicated tasks that you probably haven’t attempted doing before, like setting up your Facebook ad campaign, Publishing Google search ads, setting up analytics, optimizing keywords and tweaking your website for better SEO, although complex these assignments come with a lot of assistance and support from the program’s mentors and what they like to call an ” Accountability partner” AP, who is a fellow intern from the batch assigned to you based on a certain set of rules and data, to help you solve problems by extending mutual assistance.

Material Outcome

Speaking of solid results and end outcomes, I think the end was the beginning but here is a list of things I could do as a direct result of this internship program.

. I could build my personal website.

. Finding the courage to host my blog.

. Publishing my first Google search Ad.

. Hosting my first Live webinar. Doing my first 10 Sales calls.

. Getting my post indexed on Google search.

. Networking with other Digital Marketers

I am just starting out with understanding how digital marketing works as a whole and I am yet to fully solidify some of the techniques used to build an audience and scale operations like E-mail automation, personalization, and community building.

It can be an overwhelming process, to stick through after the internship is over but I decided to start small with blogging, SEO, and improving my web analytics.

If you’re someone who aspires to become a digital Freelancers providing Copywriting, Google & Facebook Advertising services or you want to find new customers and scale your business by generating more leads and closing people through the help of marketing automation, this internship is a great starting point.

Providing freelancing service does require building deep expertise in a specific topic, within a particular niche (Your T skill, which becomes a value proposition for sales pitching). But if you’re someone who’s just starting out or questioning how you can get leads and sales for your businesses or online products, this internship is designed for you.

Learning Value

During the internship program, we had a lot of other Marketers and influencers like

Siddharth Rajsekar

Digital Prateek

Avi Arya


Sanjay Shenoy

joining in every week at 9 pm to talk about, Online coaching, Personal branding, Sales pitching, and SEO sharing their own experience and ways we can use their proposed marketing strategies. (and pitching their products of course!)

It was the act of being constantly connected with our mentors with live webinars, emails, freebies, and our batchmates that always kept me motivated and looking forward to every week of the internship program.

The quality and value of learning was immensely satisfying. Providing a lot of value along with giving cashbacks for finishing assignments turned out to be an irresistible combo that makes this internship program stand apart from the rest.


At the start of the Internship program, we received a welcome Kit along with a letter from Digital Deepak

There are a lot of personal branding and networking lessons that you could take from this man, The value and importance of personal branding is immense and with this program, you can have a good head start to not only start building your personal brand online but also learning about the business leverage a personal brand can give you.

Simply put a personal brand increases the ease of doing business and builds trust


My biggest takeaway from this internship was building a system consisting of three things

My Blog – My Tribe – My Products

(content & value) (building an audience around your work) ( productizing your value and services)

You see my mentor taught me that marketing starts with a community/an audience surrounding your content, when you can build an audience (your tribe), you get to understand their needs and frustrations to build better products to sell them in the future.

With enough research and knowledge about what your audience wants, what holds them back, and what bugs their minds, you can take that information and develop a product around it that is the best “solution” to their problems. Such a well-developed product does not need to be sold because it “sells” itself.

When a need is established in the minds of the users with little to no objection to your product thereby decreasing the resistance to purchase, the value of your product is established in itself and does not need to be justified.

It is easier to develop products when there already exists an audience within the niche that you or any brand operates. When you know the exact user, you can come up with better products than your competition.
Building an audience helps you find the correct product-market fit. period.

That being said, I think I got more than what I paid for, from this internship program and if at all anything still makes you skeptical, I leave it to you to be your own judge.

Let me know your experience interning in the comments below, Are you planning to join the DDIP internship program? or looking for a good place to start learning about marketing

Share your thoughts in the comments below❤️ and I would love to read about your experience.

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